New EV charging points in Santiago, Chile unveiled by SolarBio.

SolarBio Energy, an innovative technology and lithium project development company officially unveil fifty new EV charging stations in their local community. SolarBio Energy partnered with local universities & government departments on the installation of the new 240 volt EVCS charging stations, which are free for public use also.

“It’s a privilege for us to sponsor this development along with our partners. Access to EV charging helps build local economies by attracting tourism and encouraging people to spend more time at local businesses and city facilities while they charge their vehicles.” said the CEO at SolarBio Energy.”

The Chilean government and local businesses are hoping to become one of the first countries in South America who are ahead of the curve in terms of sustainability and having a responsible environmental impact. With electronic vehicles sales booming at the moment across the world, the installations of the new chargers are expected to be completed and open to public use by summer 2023 with an additional 100 electric vehicle charging stations installed in the following year.

“When people spot an EV driving down the road, they don’t automatically notice that the vehicle runs on electricity,” said the CEO at SolarBio Energy. “They do see, however, when electric vehicles are plugged into charging stations at places they like to go, and have the opportunity to ask drivers about their EV experience. We are grateful to be sponsoring and funding these new EV charging stations in our local home of Santiago.”

SolarBio Energy
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