SolarBio Energy - Lithium Project Updates 2023

SolarBio Energy, an innovative technology and lithium project development company in Chile, today offered an update on several projects and other related developments.

New Lithium Production Methods

Opportunities exist for direct lithium extraction, notably from geothermal brines from the salt flats in Atacama. A number of companies are also actively looking into extracting lithium from lithium-bearing clays. Several different production methods are being tested, including acid leaching in hydrochloric acid. Any use of acid leaching is likely to need a base material, such as hydrated lime, for removing impurities and neutralizing waste before its return to the natural environment.

New Lithium Carbonate Plant

The lithium carbonate plant was installed and has been successfully commissioned and used to produce battery quality lithium carbonate at the plant. The lithium carbonate was produced at the Plant in a single crystallization stage. The crystals were washed twice using hot deionized water to attain battery-quality lithium carbonate. Completion of this phase of work is another important milestone for SolarBio and its technology-driven approach to development.

Commercial Supply of Lithium-Selective Sorbent

The Company’s new processes uses a bespoke, custom-formulated lithium-selective sorbent. The sorbent that has been successfully running in the demonstration plant for the past 3 months was manufactured outside of the country and represents the first generation of the material.

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