Chile's lithium investment plan for 2025-2030

The Chilean government will present its long-awaited lithium policy this month.

The government are confident it will generate substantial investment in the second half of the decade.

At a press conference in Santiago, Chile. Economy Minister Nicolas Grau said the plan deals with “technological transitions we have to make, public institutes that have to be created, the national lithium mining company and what to do in the Atacama salt flats. There are lots of dimensions and that’s why this has taken so long.”

The main goal of the plan is to promote decentralization so that other countries have opportunities to participate. The minister believes that the lithium will break-even at US$20,000 per ton.

South Korea seeks closer ties with Chile

Chile will send a delegation to South Korea this month to explore ways to boost cooperation on supplying major minerals, like lithium and the development of its natural resources.

The delegation will involve officials from both the government and private firms. The planned trip comes as South Korea has been working to reduce its dependence on China and diversify supply channels of major minerals.

The delegation from South Korea will meet with officials from Chile's mining ministry and other relevant institutions to seek their cooperation for participation in major mineral development projects. The business seminar will be held to discuss Chilean government strategies on the lithium development and explore business prospects.

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