Venture Capital Funding Rounds for SolarBio Energy provide opportunities for global expansion

Chile-based SolarBio Energy secured a huge investment from major Asian private equity companies at the beginning of the year from its seed round of funding which totalled in a US $17 Million Round and are now looking at a new round of funding with a target of US $90 Million.

The investment will be help to fund the development of new solid state lithium batteries that could potentially not only deliver twice as much energy for their size, they also could virtually eliminate the fire hazard associated with today’s lithium-ion batteries.

These funds will be allocated towards the purchase of SolarBio’s new production site and equipment installation costs. With fund-raising efforts primarily focused at retail & institutional investors, SolarBio is observing significant interest and steady mobilisation of fiat currencies into Cryptocurrencies.

While in the midst of a volatile ICO market often plagued by fraud and illegitimacy, SolarBio has been able to demonstrate to its institutional investors a unique framework of self-governance in addition to government regulations and processes imposed upon the waste and energy industries collectively.

“With a global plan to scale this localised solution addressing the waste surplus and the energy shortfall crisis, SolarBio will not only revolutionise the energy sector but also provide a whole new scope of products for the technology industry with longer lasting and safer batteries and storage,” said the COO David Ochinto.

SolarBio Energy
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